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Overview of current situation

Established in 1958, Fooyin University witnesses the life legacy of Taiwan people in each different generation and era. Over more than half a century and consists of four schools, 17 departments/bachelor’s degree programs, five master’s degree programs and the Center of Teacher Education. With the Fooyin University’s educational philosophy of Professionalism, Care, Vision and Elegance as well as Human Health as its core value, we cultivate high-level caring professionals. To echo to the Fooyin University education features as Outstanding Teaching, Innovative Research and Human Health and Nursing School education goals as cultivating professionals with evidence-base health care strategies, health care, humanitarian and aesthetic competence, our educational goal is to cultivate students as professionals with competence of elderly health, long-term care and related business management.

The Department of Gerontological and Long-term Care has a total of 10 full-time teachers including two associate professors, six assistant professors, and two lecturers. In order to enhance students' clinical practice ability, we recruit clinical practice specialists as part-time teachers to assist in practical teaching.

In the 2019 academic year the department has a total of 378 full-time students. All of the courses focus on fundamental caring competence and core professional concepts. By in-class teaching and hands-on practice at Professional Education Center of Holistic Care in Aging as well as qualified elderly and long-term care institutes, students accumulate their academic and practical experience.