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Brief History


To deal with the social change in the population structure and meet the increase demand of long-term care human resource, two-year Elderly Care Program and two-year Long-term Care Program were established a decade ago. Through the years, we have cultivated numerous distinguished healthcare professionals, and established a tradition of excellence. Its brief history is listed here

  • 2007: established two-year Elderly Care Program and two-year Long-term Care Program
  • Emphasis placed on elderly health promotion, dementia care, physical incapability care and care management.
  • 2010:combined two programs as Elderly and Long-term Care Program; established two-year program of Night School
  • 2015:changed the name of the program as Department of Gerontological and Long-term Care Business
  • 2016: established four-year program
  • 2019: gained grants from Mistry of Education to construct Professional Education Center of Holistic Care in Aging
  • Core Concept: all-level care techniques training from health to death in the human life cycle.
  • 2019: establish Post-Bachelor's Degree Program
  • Emphasis: cultivate those who have a bachelor’s degree and want to pursue another one

Educational goals 

In addition to Fooyin University’s educational philosophy of Professionalism, Care, Vision and Elegance, the courses aim to equip students with the ability to take care of elders with professional knowledge, attitude, and skills.

Teaching goals 

The purpose of our program is to train students becoming qualified professionals with enthusiasm, good interpersonal communication skill, critical thinking and management expertise to take care of the elderly.


Student career

Graduate Study:

Graduate of undergraduate program may go on to pursue advanced study on a Master’s degree in a related fields such as gerontology, Long-term care, health care, health policy and administration, public health, administration and management and nursing.


Job and career

    Graduate of undergraduate program may engage in health related industries such as:

  1. Hospital: affiliated long-term-care unit, intermediate care unit, geriatric ward
  2. Long-term-care facilities: elderly center, care home, nursing home
  3. Industry/organization: distance care, educational and leisure industries, industries of assistive device, non-government, profit or non-profit association and foundation
  4. academic and research organization:  government and non-government institutes, colleges and universities
  5. government officials: Department of Social Affair, Department of Health, Long-term Care Resource Management Center

Objective of Development

The focus areas of learning are elderly health promotion, dementia care, care for disability, and management of care to help older people to achieve the goal of aging in place and healthy aging.